App Installation Guide

This is how to install the apps you download from our site. Follow the direction and it should be just a breeze! If you are having trouble with it, I would ask on the forums.

Just click- works on LGs

This method works on the LG Classic Flip and the LG Exalt. This the most simple way to install apks.

  1. Download the desired APK (app file) from our apps section. Remember, only the APKs from our site work due to specific modifications.
  2. Place the downloaded APK on your SD card.
  3. Access the Tools app and navigate to the file manager.
  4. Locate the APK on your SD card and initiate the installation process.

Voilà! You've completed the installation with ease.

Bluetooth it- Kyoceras and more

Ideal for Kyocera phones and potentially other models.

  1. Bluetooth transfer the APK from our site to your phone using a different device.
  2. Upon receiving the transferred file, access notifications and click the relevant notification to start the installation.

That wasn't too hard, was it.

Installing with ADB- works on all phones!

This method is slightly more complex, but it covers all 4G Android flip phones.

  1. First, enable USB debugging on your phone. The process varies based on your device:
  2. LG Exalt 4G:
    1. Dial ##7764726220.
    2. Enter 000000 as the service code.
    3. Select Developer Options -> USB Debugging and turn it ON.
  3. LG Classic Flip & LG Wine 2:
    1. Dial ##228378 and call.
    2. Navigate to Developer Options, locate "USB Debugging," and toggle it on.
  4. TCL Flip 2:
  5. Please note that installing apps on the TCL Flip 2 requires rooting the phone. Neutronscott from the Apps4Flip forum discovered the method and shared his findings on GitHub.

  6. Alcatel Go Flip V:
  7. Just dial *#*#debug#*#* and voila! USB Debugging is enabled. Please note that the Go Flip V is the only alcatel that is android, and therefore the only one that has apk installation.

  8. Kyocera & Other 4G Flip Phones:
    1. Open the Settings app -> Software Information.
    2. Tap the build number seven times to reveal "Developer Options."
    3. Access Developer Options and activate "USB Debugging."
  9. Ensure installation from unknown sources is allowed:
    1. In Settings, navigate to Security -> Unknown Sources, and enable it if available.
  10. Next, leverage ADB to run commands and install apps. To utilize ADB, visit, connect your device, and utilize the "Install APK" section to install the APKs from our apps section. That's it – mission accomplished! If you're already familiar with ADB or using the ADB version on your computer, proceed with the advanced directions below.
  11. You can now download apps from our apps section on our site. Only these APKs are compatible with 4G flip phones, as they've been modified to bypass application locks set by manufacturers. Other apps and APKs from external sites won't work.
  12. If WebADB doesn't work for you, you can do it on your computer. If you don't know how to install adb, here is a guide. Connect your phone to your computer. Accept the computer's RSA fingerprint message on your phone.
  13. Employ ADB to install apps using this command in the terminal (Mac) or command line (Windows), from the folder where you've stored your downloaded apps:
  14. adb install -g nameOfApk.apk

    For example, to install "waze.apk," type:

    adb install -g waze.apk

    Remember to include -g before the APK name to avoid permission errors.

    Congratulations! If you've reached this point and running the adb command resulted in a success message, you've successfully installed an app on your 4G flip phone!

    Running ADB Commands via WebADB:

    Visit, connect your device as instructed. Once connected, navigate to the Interactive Shell section and execute your commands. Note: Remove "adb shell" when running commands containing those words. Execute the command in WebADB without them.

    Uninstalling Apps:

    On LG Exalt 4G:

    1. Dial ##7764726220.
    2. Enter 000000 as the service code.
    3. Access the application section, select the desired app, and uninstall.

    On All Other Phones:

    Use ADB to uninstall apps:

    Using ADB Shell:

    adb shell pm uninstall

    Using WebADB:

    pm uninstall

    If you're unsure of the package name, use this command to list all packages:

    pm list packages

    Launching Apps:

    While 4G flip phones might not display newly installed apps in the menu, you can still access them:

    LG Exalt 4G & Kyocera:

    1. Access the Tools app.
    2. Navigate to the Applications section and locate the app. Tap to open.

    All Other Models:

    1. Install a launcher APK from our site to gain access to your apps.
    2. Launch the launcher from your app menu, then select and open your desired app.

    That's it! With these methods, you're equipped to install, uninstall, and access apps on your 4G flip phone. Remember, our community is here to help if you have any questions!