Free Phone Plans With ACP

We now offer the government Affordable Connectivity Program! You can get a free unlimited talk, text & data plan! Visit our plans page to find out more.

We now sell plans

We now offer plans for our customers to choose from, which run on the Verizon network. Whether you're looking for talk and text or data, we have a variety of options to suit your needs. Visit our plans page to find out more information and choose the perfect plan for you.


We have been selling flip phones since 2020, and we're back with our latest model! We now sell the TCL Flip phone with Waze and other features! We offer several kashrus options including E-Mail! This phone is our best deal yet, order now as supplies last- they're selling quickly!

Apps Offered On The TCL Flip

Our phones all come with a Hebrew keyboard, as well as Hebrew T9. Our current list of apps is:

  • Waze
  • Google Maps
  • Uber
  • Zmanim
  • Weather
  • Siddur
  • Smart List
  • 2048
  • Strategy
  • jStream

Completely free shipping to anywhere in the US!

  • Security

    Our phone's kosher software is among the most secure in the market, utilizing the most advanced technology to protect against any breaches. We stand behind the security of our kashrus and offer an automatic refund to any customer who is able to expose vulnerabilities in our software.

  • Speed

    Our phones are designed to be among the fastest available and our technology is engineered to not slow down the processor speed. This ensures that our customers can enjoy a smooth and efficient experience.

  • Affordability

    Our phones are designed to be highly affordable for our customers, which sets us apart from the high prices often associated with kosher phones, particularly those that offer features like apps. This allows us to provide our customers with high-quality, feature-rich phones at a more accessible price point.